My one off HH AL – 10 Years on…. (Yes it's been that long!)

My one off HH AL – 10 Years on…. (Yes it's been that long!)

Hey knuckleheads, – I hope you’re all keeping safe and well during these crazy times.

Thought I would post this….

This morning I was picking through some paperwork and found my receipt from my one off AL that BP very kindly agreed to build for me, – I am still blown away wit this, and brag at every possible chance!

I plugged it in this morning, for the first time in a while, and Oh man… this thing gets better with age. I cannot get my head around it being 10 years next month since I got it, – but I am Soooo in love, – it just feels amazing. the thing that sealed the deal for me in buying one (Apart from BP’s generous gesture) – was a statement BP made about the rosewood getting better with age, -I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but 10 years on it makes so much sense.

The pickups are killer too – I’ve not adjust the height since it arrived, -I plugged into my Mesa TA30 head and Marshall 4×12 (morning neighbours….) and rocked out from my arm chair,

the biggest thing I want to call out on the AL is the smile factor, – 10 years on and I am loving it STILL. I know i will never be interviewed as a rock star, but if the question was what guitar would you run into the burning building to save, it’s clearly this one,- its an amazing all rounder, all the tones of the rainbow and the most amazing neck which is growing with me over time.

Thank you again to BP & The EBMM family for building the coolest guitars ever, and to keeping a old man smiling and smelly 🙂

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