New guy with question about Luke 3

New guy with question about Luke 3

Hi all,

So I’ll get this out of the way first…. I’ve never owned or played a EBMM guitar in my 45 years of playing…. and…. Let the flaming begin 😂😂😂.

However, I just ordered a Luke 3. I will try to post pics when it arrives. The guitar really is different than anything else I have. Read as much as I could find about this specific model and listened to videos of its tone. Granted it’s not the most ideal way of judging an instrument but they’re not easy to find. At best I was able to try a Sterling MM Axis which actually wasn’t bad for its price point. I understand the necks and frets are different
so it’s probably not indicative of how the Luke 3 is. I currently play PRS single cut 594’s and double cut DGT, Custom 24 and McCarty, all double humbuckers. From what I could tell from the photos of the actual guitar, the build quality looks impeccable. Read some posts about the neck/fret size and I’m hoping it’s not much of a concern. My apologies for not mentioning this earlier but this guitar has the HSS configuration. My question is about the pickups, specifically, are these passive pickups with a preamp? Similar to the EMG RetroActive? I noticed there is a battery compartment but I am not sure if that is for the pickups or the boost function. Any info or insights you all have would be greatly appreciated.



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