NGD: Out for delivery

NGD: Out for delivery

The best and worst three words in the world. 🙂

When I got my first EBMM just over a decade ago, I had a hit list of ones that I’d own. High on that list was a loaded JP6 in Mystic Dream. Mark another one off the list.

I’ve missed several guitars over the last few months. There was a banged up El Dorado gold loaded JP6 that the seller refused my offer on. There was the 25th that I hesitated on and edhalen ended up snatching up. And the one that I’ve been kicking myself over, a candy red loaded JP6 for super cheap. The pickups had been swapped for Duncans, and there were only a few photos, so I decided to ask a question instead of snapping it up. It was gone within the hour, well before the seller answered my question.

I was following several on eBay and had pretty much decided to pop on a 2006 LE that wasn’t getting any bids, when this one popped up — a little more than the other two JP6s I’d missed, but exactly what I wanted. Opening bid was at the top of my price range, but I decided to watch it and try a minimum bid at the last minute. It worked. It’s got a couple of very small dings, and will be missing the backplate initially (seller had it signed by one of his heroes, not JP, and didn’t want to part with it, so he’s having EB send me one directly), but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Photos to come once the brown truck gets here. 🙂

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