Question: Cutlass pickup replacement

Question: Cutlass pickup replacement

I’m going to be trying to replace the bridge pickup in my cutlass with a standard single coil and had some questions for anyone who’s done this, or has any experience with the silent circuit and could tell me how it went.

I came across this older thread (…s-pickups.html) and a wiring diagram inside, but no real definitive updates or answers.

It looks like the cutlass pickups have 3 wires coming out of them instead of the standard two. It’s pretty safe to assume the red wire is the hot wire. As to the other two? I’m assuming the green one is the ground since it goes into the board input that’s labeled “G” but it’s hard to say. Does anyone know what the other inputs are for, and what that wire does? Will not having it be horrendous? Or will it just likely not utilize the circuit?

I’m also thinking about swapping the bridge and middle pickup on the selector to get a bridge/neck position. Likely a very silly question, but given the two types of inputs going into the board (ending in A or B), will those have to be swapped to? I’m assuming they’re just for the phasing on the middle pickup but there’s no real way to tell.


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