Silhouette S/N# description doesn't match guitar

Silhouette S/N# description doesn't match guitar

Hi guys/gals – first time posting. I’ve been an avid acoustic player in my duo for years now and just brought out the MM silhouette I bought around 2006 or so on Ebay, sight unseen of course except the pics. Never occurred to me to check the S/N, so yesterday I put the S/N in the EB finder and it tells me it’s a “SILHOUETTE RED TRANS ROSEWOOD HH”.

Well, I have a blue Silhouette trans with HSH setup. I actually love this guitar, it plays incredibly well for the $$ I bought it for which i thought at the time was reasonable. And I’m sure the pickups were changed out as I opened it up and here’s pickups:

Bridge – Dimarzio DP 193, middle is Dimarzio blade pickup DP188 and then a DP 155 at back.

I want to get this back to stock or better. Any suggestions? Thoughts?
Thank you all, and glad to know this forum is here!

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