SpectraDrive TonePrints "backport"?

SpectraDrive TonePrints "backport"?

I’m really looking forward to the SpectraDrive pedal, so does the german bass-community. But it’s not widely available in germany yet. Nobody on bassic.de has one right now. I hope to get my hands on one soon for testing.

But I still love my BG250-115.

You stated that the new SpectraDrive pedal was derived from the BH-amps.
So I wonder if the SpectraComp and BassDrive TonePrints for the SpectraDrive will be ported back to their ancestors BG and BH? When I look at the available TonePrints for my BG250 amp, I only find four BassDrive and three SpectraComp TonePrints. By

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