Standard stingray discontinued?

Standard stingray discontinued?

Hey folks, This is my first post.

I just tried to buy a standard Stingray 4H 3eq black/maple from a retailer here in the UK (Anderton’s) and they have told me that when they made the order they were told that it has been discontinued. Is this correct?

It’s still listed on the website here StingRay | Basses | Music Man

And is listed on many UK retailer websites.

Does that mean there are only the specials or the classics available?

Now I’ve played the 2018 special and whilst it’s a truly beautiful bass (which I will likely buy in time) I’m on a mission to re-buy a bass that I very much regret selling a decade ago.

So what’s the deal, Am I too late? Have you really discontinued the iconic standard stingray?!?!?

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