Sub'N'Up EQ Questions

Sub'N'Up EQ Questions

Hello everyone,
I have just received my Sub’n’Up a few days ago and I am very happy with it. The EQ section in the TonePrint editor is massive, though, so I hope someone out there can help me to understand it better:

1) What is the purpose of the Input EQ? Almost all of the templates bypass it (only SubnUpMod2 & Subplotter do not). Any suggestions to what this feature could be used for?

2) What is ParaEQ? Parametric EQ? Does it boost/attenuate frequencies within a certain range while leaving alone the frequencies above and below? And if yes, can it then be turned into a notch filter by increasing the Slope (Slope = Q?)?

3) Does Reso mean resonance? What does it do? Does it work like the resonance control commonly found on analog synthesizers, boosting the frequencies in the immediate vicinity of the filter cutoff point?

4) What is Cut Order? Does it have something to do with the order in witch the filters are applied?

5) The Link feature in the Sub 2 Output EQ section links all the output EQ sections together, so that all changes to the Sub 2 Output EQ carries over to Sub Output EQ and Up Output EQ automatically, thus making programming faster. But does it also do something else? I have noticed that the only difference between the Poly and Classic templates (apart from some minor differences in the default levels of the octaves) is that the Poly template has the Link feature On whereas the Classic templates does not. So does Link = Off translate to the glitchiness of the Classic setting?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks! 😀

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