Transition Humbuckers

Transition Humbuckers

So … they are pretty great and I’ve been digging them in my LIII. (No surprise to anyone that has one.)

For a while I’ve had this nagging feeling that they would be perfect in my old Morse. It’s my favourite player, but could benefit from more even sounding humbuckers for what I’m playing these days. (If you’re not familiar with the Steve Morse set- the bridge is very middy, the neck is very dark. Cool pickups for sure, but sometimes you just want something more classic.)

I just took the plunge this week and wired them in. I had a 500k volume and 250k tone pot in there, which worked perfectly. I had it at a rehearsal this week and it killed. I’ll use this guitar on a few upcoming gigs in September. (Normally my Y2D gets the spotlight.)

Cosmetically they don’t have the black hex pieces of the original pickups. I could have ordered black pole pieces, but who wants to wait for a custom order.

Sonically they are awesome and work really well in this guitar! The bridge also splits nicely (there’s a silent circuit in there so it splits quietly), though not quite as well as the original pickup. They’re very well balanced, have tons of power to them, and mix really well with the singles.

I think I’ll be happy with them for the long term 🙂 (Yeah, I do realize this is Morse project number 10 zillion or so for me.)

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