Which EBMM would you got for ?

Which EBMM would you got for ?

Unfortunately the sky high UK prices have stopped my getting a new Axis – I’m not paying £3,849 / $5,389 which equates to 180% of the US prices.

Luckily the 2nd hand market has some bargains :). I’m currently looking at a very well priced Luke 2, a pricier Luke #I Anniversary model, a nice Morse with MM Floyd.

I love my ’97 Luke 1 so I’m angling towards that, even though the Morse would give greater variety and the Luke 2 is the cheapest of them all. No decent Luke 3 deals as yet, so that’s not a current option for me. There are also a whole host of Axis guitars (just missed out on a nice blue one for £1k / $1,400).

What would you go for !!

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