Which one is the best superstrat-style guitar? (Music Man Hamer, Suhr, PRS)

Which one is the best superstrat-style guitar? (Music Man Hamer, , PRS)

Many of us love super strat style , with thin neck, high output pickups and tremolo that allow to do some insane Dive-bombs. So I recorded some of my favourite guitars, to see how they hold up together. This is long video, because I was trying to show as many sounds as I could. but below the video you can find timecodes for faster navigation.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any Jackson, Kramer, , guitars at the moment, so there isn’t a comprehensive superstrat battle, but I did my best. Maybe next time I’ll have more guitars to try.

Obviously, every guitar makes you play differently; strings, pickups weren’t the same, so take this with a grain of salt. My playing is not the best but im not auditioning for you band anyway 🙂

Gear Used,
Guitars: 1989 Hamer Californian, 2013 Suhr Modern, 2016 Music Man Majesty, 1998 Music Man Axis, 2005 PRS Custom 22
& Cabs: Herbert MK1, 4×12 Diezel Cabinet with Eminence Governor Speakers,
Effects and other stuff: H3000 for Delay and Modulation, UAD Apollo, Suhr Reactive Load, OwnHammer IR’s, Logic Pro X

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