Worth Getting a 2018 Majesty Over 2019?

Worth Getting a 2018 Majesty Over 2019?

Hello, first time poster here.

I am about to pull the trigger on a Majesty. I have been a diehard DT fan since Scenes, and I have always loved JP’s tones and his line of guitars.

I really love the Glacial Frost 2018 model, and it is a good bit cheaper than the 2019 line. It’s right around $2800, compared to $3500 for a 2019 model.

I am still not opposed to getting a 2019, but it would be nice to save almost $700. I’m just wondering – are the upgrades for the latest line worth the extra money?

I also noticed that the 2019 Stealth Black is around $3000, since it is using less expensive woods in some areas.

If I went with the 2018, what would I be sacrificing? Aside from the wood, could someone contrast the tangible differences in the 3 models I mentioned? – The 2019 Enchanted Forest, 2019 Stealth Black, and 2018 Glacial Frost.

Thank you!

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