Personal Guitar Workshop Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Personal Guitar Workshop Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Musicians around the world invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars into their guitars.

But when it comes to working on the neck or frets, re-stringing, polishing, refurbishing, or make general repairs, there has been nothing to use. 

Enter the Personal Guitar Workshop. The PGW is a solid foundation that has been engineered to securely and gently hold guitars in any position necessary to perform maintenance. The device was invented to solve the need for a workstation that is all things for your guitar—functional, portable and beautiful.

The PGW’s use will vary from person to person and even from guitar to guitar. A luthier will use it differently than a person just learning to change their strings. One guitar might need a good polishing while another will have never-ending repairs. But no matter what the use, the PGW will hold guitars safely and securely.

As a brand new company, the creators behind the Personal Guitar Workshop recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help cover some of the manufacturing costs associated with building the product.

If you’d like to find out more—or want to own a PGW for yourself—check out their Kickstarter page. Rewards include a signed Personal Guitar Workshop and more.

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