Review – Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Bourbon Burst A/E

Review – Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Bourbon Burst A/E

Here’s the latest review from our sister-site Acoustic Review looking at an Art & Lutherie Guitars Roadhouse Bourbon Burst A/E, featuring…

  • 12-fret parlour guitar,
  • Solid cedar top,
  • Canadian wild cherry back and sides,
  • Silver leaf maple neck,
  • Rosewood fingerboard,
  • 1.72 inch nut,
  • Fishman A/E pickup.

Art & Lutherie says...”Reminiscent of the days of freight train hopping and hitchhiking musicians, these parlour size guitars deliver exceptional string to string balance and well defined articulation. Whether fingerpicking gently or backhanding open chords, the Roadhouse promises excellent playability with a vintage vibe.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!

Art & Lutherie Guitars Roadhouse Bourbon Burst A/E: £849.00

More Info: Art & Lutherie Guitars

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