Vintage Fenders set for Messe

Vintage Fenders set for Messe

Vintage Fender fans are in for a treat at this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse (11th to 14th April 2018). The show will be hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Fender by Leo Fender: The Evolution of Fender’s Electric Guitars 1950-1964’. The event will feature original instruments showing the development of Leo Fender’s designs during the golden years from the early fifties to mid-sixties. Additionally, the Fender Custom Shop will show a large selection of individual instruments hand-made in the USA during this period, as well as vintage guitars played by legends such as Bonamassa, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan and other stars.

As if reinforcing the show’s metamorphosis into a more public event, Musikmesse’s press release adds that some of the vintage models will be available for visitors to play in a separate room: ‘Guitar fans have the chance to make their own impression of the special vibes generated by vintage instruments.’

Meanwhile, under the motto ‘Rate your Guitar’, visitors can also have their guitars valued and assessed by experts, who will tell them about any wood used in the manufacture of the instrument that is listed in the CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Information about owning, carrying and trading musical instruments with components made of protected woods will also be available.

‘The World of Vintage Guitars’ special area will be found in Galleria.0 and is organised by the No. 1 Guitar Centre Hamburg in cooperation with the Fender Custom Shop and the Thünen Institute.


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