Zoom to Shred: The Easy Way to Master Alternate Picking

to Shred: The Easy Way to Master Alternate Picking

In this new video lesson from GuitarZoom, guitar instructor extraordinaire Steve Stine shares a few simple tips for developing your alternate picking.

If you’re new to alternate picking, Stine breaks it down into a simple concept that’ll allow you to practice and get better—fast.

The lesson is part of GuitarZoom’s Ultimate Practice Routine course, which you can purchase right here. The course gives beginners and advanced guitarists an easy way to get the most out of practice, and it’s a great way to give your playing a serious boost.

The course includes online HD videos, a tab book and unlimited support, plus bonus courses, daily practice sheets and a complete set of guitar jam tracks.

Grab your guitar, check out the lesson below and click here to take the full course.

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Source: www.guitarworld.com