Drummer’s Review – Practice Pad Comparison Part 2

Drummer’s Review – Practice Pad Comparison Part 2

Back in 2020, the Drummer’s Review team spent some time comparing a host of practice pads from various manufacturers. In this recent video they take a look at a further selection of pads to see what options are out there to help when it comes to practising, featuring…

Meinl Split Tone Anika Nilles Pad

  • 2 x 6mm silicone pads,
  • foam rubber pad,
  • 9mm MDF board,
  • reverse side 12mm foam playing surface
  • four pads in total,

UK RRP: £56.50 – www.meinlcymbals.com

Vic Firth Dual Pad

Practice Part 2

  • 12″ Dodecagon shape,
  • Two 9.25″ x 5.5″ playing surfaces,
  • soft grey surface,
  • hard black surface,
  • 5/8″ wooden base.

UK RRP: £50.99 – www.vicfirth.zildjian.com

Code Laser Pad

Practice Part 2

  • 4″ diameter,
  • 3.5″ closed cell rubber playing surface,
  • steel wighted plated inside wooden base to aid stability

UK RRP: £20.00 (approximately) – www.codedrumheads.co.uk

Zildjian Reflexx Pad – 6″ (10″ also available)

Practice Part 2

  • FLEXX medium rebound surface,
  • WORKK higher resistance surface,

UK RRP: £65.00 – www.vicfirth.zildjian.com

British Drum Co. Regimental Pad

Practice Part 2

  • 7.5″ premium high grade silicone playing surface,
  • 10″ decorative wooden base,
  • non-slip high density foam underside
  • 3″ British Drum Co. Plaque

UK RRP: £39.99 – www.britishdrumco.com

ToneAlly Deluxe Travel Pad

Practice Part 2

  • 3.5″ soft silicone rubber playing surface,
  • wooden base with interior metal for added weight and stability,
  • 2mm non-slip sponge rubber underside

UK RRP: £34.99 – www.toneally.co.uk

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