David Gilmour and wife blast “Putin apologist” and “megalomaniac” Roger Waters

David Gilmour and wife blast “Putin apologist” and “megalomaniac” Roger Waters

David Gilmour has once again proven that there’s no lost love between him and former Pink Floyd bandmate Roger Waters. The infamous feud between the two came to a head Monday (6 February) when Gilmour’s wife, novelist Polly Samson, publicly slammed Waters as a ‘Putin apologist’ and ‘lip-syncing’ megalomaniac’ amongst others, a claim Gilmour describes as “demonstrably true.”

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Samson, who became a lyricist for the band following Waters’ departure in 1985, tweeted: “Sadly @rogerwaters you are antisemitic to your rotten core. Also a Putin apologist and a lying, thieving, hypocritical, tax-avoiding, lip-synching, misogynistic, sick-with-envy, megalomaniac. Enough of your nonsense.”
And in a move that broke the hearts of all Waters-Gilmour fans out there, Gilmour retweeted the comment, writing “Every word demonstrably true.”

Every word demonstrably true https://t.co/KWk4I3bMTN
— David Gilmour (@davidgilmour) February 6, 2023

The Waters’ camp has since responded to Samson’s post, stating, “Roger Waters is aware of the incendiary and wildly inaccurate comments made about him on Twitter by Polly Samson which he refutes entirely. He is currently taking advice as to his position.”

— Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) February 6, 2023

Samson’s tweet appears to be prompted by a recent Waters interview with the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, where the outspoken rocker shared his controversial views on Ukraine, Putin, and Israel.
In it, Waters called Pink Floyd’s collaboration protest song with Ukrainian singer Andrij Chlywnjuk “really, really sad”, and described the move as one that “encourages the continuation of the war”. The musician also stood by his longstanding boycott of Israel, stating, “The Israelis are committing genocide.”
Not one to hold his tongue on global politics, Waters made headlines last year when he claimed that he is “on a kill list that is supported by the Ukrainian government” and called reports detailing Russia’s war crimes “Western propaganda”. He added that the United States is “the most evil of all by a factor of at least 10 times,” saying, “We kill more people. We interfere in more people’s elections. We, the American empire, is doing all this shit.”

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