1986 Silhouette on its way…#34

1986 Silhouette on its way…#34

What’s up guys! I’ve been a member here for a little while and I think this would be my first post😊. A very cool first post but pics will have to wait until shipment arrives!!!

I’m very excited to receive an early pre-silhouette Music Man to say the least. As of today, I currently own 2 Silhouettes(includes NGD Binge that’s on the way😅), 1 Silhouette Special, 2 Axis Sport MM90’s, 1 Axis Super Sport Hardtail and a Reflex vintage trem. I’ve always been a player of the smaller scale guitfiddles, but when I purchased my first EBMM… The Silo Special… That was the end of that haha. Picked it up off Reverb for a steal. From that point on, its been Balls On The Walls!!!!!

What makes this special is UPS “LOST” my pride and joy Silo named Emerald! Actually….”The Ups Store”(separate entity but affiliates smdh) back in July. Luckily I declared a value and they stayed true to the fine print. I told my better half that I’m going to get a 86-87 6-bolt Silo with the funds. I was exaggerating haha, how often do you see those years…not often. Well, believe it or not, GC in Nashville had an ’86 in there store. From the looks of it… It is all original with the wonderful checking all over the finish(Pre-Nitro days😲). I’m pretty certain it’s all OG but can’t wait to see her in person and take her apart!!!! Very excited to own some MM history. I’ll post pics as soon as she arrives🤘😊🤘.

Thanks guys and too all the great threads in this forum. May be my first post but I’ve been a watching 👀 and researching for years. If you happened to view the guitar or have already seen her at GC, would love to hear your thoughts!?!?!

***Type in Vintage 1986 Silhouette in Google. The pics should be there to view under GC website***

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