NGD and a little buyer remorse

NGD and a little buyer remorse

So I’ve now made my first foray into both the seven-string world and the SBMM world.

Normally, I suck at eBay because I bid what I’m willing to pay and leave it alone. That means I usually lose auctions by a buck or two. I’ve been thinking about maybe buying an inexpensive seven-string for a while. I really wanted to bump it up to an SBMM JP, but couldn’t justify the expense over a cheaper guitar. A week and a half ago, I placed an impulse bid on a JP70. I almost immediately had bidder remorse because it would cut into my budget for the planned JP150 later this year, and of course, I suck so bad with six strings what am I going to do with seven? No big deal, though. I bid the minimum, so someone will outbid me in the final seconds.

Well, I’ve just been informed that I’m the proud new owner of a JP70. :p

Pics when it gets here.

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