Question: Steve Morse Y2D in Tobacco Burst?

Question: Steve Morse Y2D in Tobacco Burst?

Hello All

Long time EB user, been playing a JP6 standard, loaded Mystic Dream for years. Can’t even consider buying a new guitar other than a Ball 🙂

That being said as my music tastes diversify and change, I’ve been really gassing for a hardtail, BFR type beauty. Started doing some research and found some amazing pics of a Steve Morse Y2D style Darkloard and what I’m guessing to be some one off Tobacco bursts.

My question is: how can I order a Steve Morse Y2D in Tobacco Burst, quilt top, matching HS? What kind of effort would I need to convince EB to do this lol 🙂 I just can’t get the guitar out of my head. I’m dreaming about it for god sake. It’s consuming me. LOL

Anyhoo, if anyone has any insight into those guitars, when they were available for order or when they might be again that would be great.

Thank You

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