TC Electronics M Clarity 5.1 Vs M Clarity Stereo.

TC Electronics M Clarity 5.1 Vs M Clarity Stereo.

Hello, I wanted to ask a question since I am about to buy the TC Electronics 5.1 device and I do not find on the internet answers about the difference that there is in both models in stereo mode.
I was looking on the page, in the forum and it is not clear to me if the new stereo equipment has any difference in the analysis of the stereo signal or compatibility with any audio quality. It dislodges me that the price of the first model 5.1 and stereo is cheaper than the only stereo. And I do not see any difference at that point.

The other question is: The new version 2.3 is applicable to TC Electronics 5.1 and if it has the same options in stereo mode as the new M Clarity stereo version.

If anyone knows, I would appreciate it if you could help me clarify the doubts.

Excuse me if my English is not perfect I’m learning

Thank you very much for the time.

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