Watch John Mayer play one guitar solo with two guitars

Watch John Mayer play one guitar solo with two guitars

John Mayer is one of the most proficient electric guitar players alive today, so it’s hardly a shock when he jumps up on stage and plays an impressive solo.
What was a shock last weekend, however, was when Mayer, during a cover of Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower live with Dead & Company, played one solo on two guitars, pulling a switcheroo halfway through to give each six-string some airtime.

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The feat – which took place halfway through the band’s set at Wrigley Field in Chicago last Saturday (10 June) – saw the guitarist start his solo using his custom Charvel San Dimas model, employing a selection of techniques one might not typically associate with Mayer, including two-handed tapping, some whammy bar flutters and even a divebomb.
Shortly afterwards, Mayer hands his Charvel to a stagehand, who hands him a prototype Advanced Research Division PRS Silver Sky to finish his solo, with which he settles into more familiar territory, offering a series of his tried-and-tested single-coil fuelled blues licks.

For the gear nerds, Mayer’s Charvel San Dimas model – which is reportedly inspired by a skateboard deck he owned when he was younger – sports a pair of EVH Wolfgang humbuckers, a Floyd Rose trem and a custom paint job, while the Moc Sand-finished Silver Sky is the same guitar that had us suspecting a second version of Mayer’s popular Silver Sky signature model.
Keen audiophiles will auto notice Mayer wearing a pair of over-ear monitor headphones, a decision he took before the tour to be “more connected to the band, the music, and the moment”, as he explained in an Instagram post in 2021.
“I’ve got a pair of stereo mics that pick up everything around me. And I’m getting the front-of-house feed. I’m IN the live recording!” he told one commenter.
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